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Make a huge difference to inspire youngsters !

Dear AMC Alumni & whoever has benefitted from Sanjay Sir's Training Programs, Hi! Architecture MasterClass would love to make a positive difference to the lives of youngsters whom you know, just as it did to yours ❣️ These could be family, friends, relatives, society members, friend-of-friend etc. We would like to reach out to them and add an insane amount of VALUE to their lives through several courses (Architecture, Design, PCM we offer) & shall keep adding to our oeuvre. I am sure they will thank you immensely for years to come, for opening up new opportunities & creative directions for them. With this in mind, I humbly request you to send us 3 to 5 referrals: youngsters from family, friends, relatives, society members etc in class 5th std to 12th std (located anywhere in the world). (Link is given below) Thank you in advance 🙏❣️🙏 Much love, take care, wish you safety and good health, Sanjay Mhatre Artist-Architect-Educationist
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www .architecturemasterclass. com New Batches on ... for Architecture, NID, NIFT  fb: Sanjay Mhatre fb (for my students): Architecture MasterClass - Discussion Forum even on this blogspot, my students can 'follow' or 'join this site' - see RHS below the map Sanjay Mhatre

Follow & Comment: Share ur experiences wid other students :-)

On this blogspot, my students can 'follow' or 'join this site' - see RHS below the map for eg: see Jinal mawani's comment by clicking the 'Comment' link below u can remain connected long after u r done wid ur archi course :-) ... and keep sharing ur experiences with future students - the younger generation ...  wish u all d v best ! Sanjay Mhatre

"Sir, I m getting sooo booored ! ... what shud I do NOW ? "

My dear Bachhas, I realised from the many calls that u r getting thoroughly pakaoed in these holidays ... it seems to be a loooong wait b4 ur 1st yr archi commences. So, to make use of the time available here are a few things to keep u occupied & calm down ur nerves ... Relevant computer softwares: U cud enrol in a course in AutoCAD, 3DStudioMax, Photoshop, Corel Dra w. These 3-4 software applications r primarily used by architects - and u as students wud find it beneficial and to ur advantage if u familiarize urself with them. These wud be taught in college too - but it tends to get odd wince that is the time when u wud love to USE these for ur projects rather than still be coping up with learning the software. Another nifty utility is Google SketchUp ... it's a free download and there r plenty of tutorials available ... u can teach urself this 3D app. - a great way to tinker around at home when it's pouring outside. Now that the provision merit list is out, let's ... launched!

Exclusively for students of new batches starting from June 2010 onwards (appearing for Architecture Entrance Exams in 2011 & 2012) Dear Students, I hv just launched an email group to keep in touch wid each other @ topics relating to the Architecture Entrance Exams. Please drop me a mail on or so that i can add u to this group. Please keep digging at the homework ! - 3 sketches / week + wotever remains to be completed of the classwork. Have u done the chart-paper-on-wall homework yet !?! ... sms me as soon as u do it. I m awaiting ur msgs ... Remember: U r the Architect of ur own Destiny ! Warm Regards, Prof. Sanjay Mhatre